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gords running store
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Upcoming Race Information:

Past Frozen Stuff:

Year Results (doc) Winners Pictures
2011 2012 Results Ellie Greenwood
Joe Huising
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2010 2011 Results Ellie Greenwood
Ian Blockland
2010 2010 results Ellie Greenwood
Conor Renout
2009 2009 results (.xls) Ken Myers
D. Ashley Meyers
2008 2008 results Richard Web
Doone Watson
2007 2007 results Nathan Cooper
Syl Corbett
2006 2006 results Sandy McCallum
Gary Poliquin
2005 2005 results Chris Ferguson
Julie Heidt
2004 2004 results Wade Jarvis
Jen Silverthorn
2003 2003 results Mark Lasack
Jen Silverthorn

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a package pick up?

Yes, the Saturday prior to the Monday run there is a package pick up at Gord’s Running Store, 919 Centre St. NW from 11 thru 5:00 PM. Or, prior to the race start from 8:00 AM thru 8:45AM at Bow Waters Canoe Club, 1975 - 26 St. SE.

What time the run start?

The race start for both the Full and Half is as close to 9:00 AM as possible, so please do your best to have your package picked up with as much time as you can afford.

Do you aid stations along the run?

Yes, a total of 5 aid stations for the full participants and 3 for the half participants, for the full 2 of the aid stations you’ll pass thru twice, once on the way out and then again on your return trip.

Do you allow drop bags?

Yes, we encourage the full participants to take advantage of having our volunteers take a drop bag (may have spare layers of clothing, dry socks, your homemade energy cookie or sandwich…) to the turnaround for your benefit, if needed, the option is there. Please mark the bag with your name so that it is easily identifiable.

If I signed up for Full or Half and decide to stop during the run?

If you stop at the halfway point, we’ll have volunteers who’re going to be shuttling half participants back to the start / finish area so we should be able to get you back without too much waiting around. If you’re dropping out somewhere else along the course, please make your way back to the nearest aid station and let the volunteers know you’re dropping out and then we’ll do what we can to have you picked up from there…

If I signed up for the Half and feel like turning around a run the Full?

Yes, we’ve had some folks do this in past years, if you do decide to change your mind just be sure to let our timer’s and aid station volunteers know so that you’re recognized as a Full participant.

Can I have my own support along the way?

Yes, we encourage personal support, all we ask is that your support does what they can to avoid getting in the way of the other participants and if any of the support has pets with them, please do your best to keep them controlled as some participants may not be as comfortable as you are with them…

What sort of aid can we expect at the aid stations?

Each of the aid stations are given a list of things they could provide and then they’re free to make choices on your behalf, my suggested idea’s to my crew are; fruit, cookies, candy, pretzels, chips, Coke, Ginger Ale, water, trail mix, salted nuts, or anything else they deem necessary by runners. The race and our sponsors will provide; Ultima sports drink, Sports bars, Sharkies, energy gels as well…

What are trail conditions like?

This paved pathway is not a “high volume” pedestrian use path and therefore does not get any snow removal privileges thru the winter months, so we’re left with whatever “Mother Nature” gives us on the day… the average daytime high for the day is – 2 degrees Celsius and since moving the event to the Family day Monday we’ve had 2 extremely cold days and then we’ve also had very mild conditions… footing has normally been packed snow, with the occasional drifting near some of the pathway underpasses.

Do you have finisher’s medals or certificates?

No, because of the origins of the Fat Ass Fifty’s and its traditions, where a bunch of fellow ultra runners would informally gather at a predetermined starting point and then run the 50 Km totally self supported and then at the finish pat each other upon the back and head home… because of our potential for extreme exposure on our course, we decided to provide a few additions for your comfort along the way… aid stations, hooded sweat top, race photo at the post race, post race pizza, muffins, and opportunity to win one of many draw prizes as well. The over-all male and female finishers in the full event will be recognized at the post race portion of the event.

Do we have the “right of way” on the pathway?

No, we do not have exclusive use of the pathway and therefore we encourage everyone to use common courtesy as approaching other pedestrian’s and in the event you’re at a railroad crossing (there are a few) when a train is crossing, consider this a “bonus rest break” so enjoy your temporary stop, eventually the train will pass and you can carry on your way…

Do we have any traffic intersections?

Yes, one traffic intersection at the junction of Glenmore Trail and Ogden Road SE you’ll have to cross as a pedestrian when the “WALK” sign is in your favor, there are a few more road crossings along the pathway system where “common sense” of looking both ways before crossing will work fine.

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